New & Refreshing Wedding Decorations Ideas in 2021

Green is an actual color at Indian weddings since it represents new beginnings, wealth, and peace. Green has been roaring loud for quite some time, from women donning green bridal lehengas and sporting essential emerald green jewelry to grooms going all out with green-hued wedding clothes. However, one notable contemporary trend in Indian weddings has been the use of this color in the décor.

Couples are opting for the freshness of greens to amplify their wedding environments in times when the wedding décor is more critical than merely beautifying the site. And what better than nature to portray greens? For the same reason, Indian weddings include a lot of luxuriant ferns and vegetation. Nature-themed design with gobs of ferns and greenery is now sweeping the décor scene, and deservedly so, from mandaps to stage décor to minor things like dining arrangement and table centerpieces. The lovely green nature-themed wedding decorations exude freshness and add to the event’s rejuvenation and pleasure. A magnificent rainforest-like feel is further enhanced by the touch of nature, which enchants everyone with a single look. It is why an increasing number of couples choose to express their love with the natural arrangements of fern and plants.

Here are a few of the favorite Best wedding decorators in Indore wedding décor ideas to inspire you for your big day.

  1. A stunning ceiling

This ceiling décor for an indoor wedding is entirely captivating with flowing ferns and leaves and beautiful chandeliers.

  1. Setting up a fictitious forest

Built around fragrant frangipani (Champa) trees and accented with marigolds and flowery dreamcatchers, this is an accurate one-of-a-kind small house mandap.

  1. A Mehendi ceremony with a gardenia theme

The freshness of lush foliage and flowers, along with the rustics of woods, make for a fantastic wedding décor design.

  1. Increase the amount of greenery in the bar area.

Decorate the bar area with an abundance of greenery to create a lasting impression on your visitors.

  1. A picture background of an archway with fairy lights

This picture background design, complete with fairy lights and a leafy archway, is a keeper.

  1. The engagement decor is exceptionally intriguing.

Here are some photographs from an indoor engagement ceremony that was bursting at the seams with ferns, leaves, and all things green.

  1. Dreamy Mehendi decor

A magical garden is an inspiration for this Mehendi decor. It’s made even more strange by the colorful blooms.

Here’s a beautiful ceiling décor with hanging flora and fairy light-packed hanging terrariums to give your wedding decorations a unique charm.

  1. A unique indoor mandap arrangement

This huge mandap, complete with a dazzling canopy of greenery and bells, is a stunning wedding centerpiece.

  1. A photo booth wall that is simple yet attractive

Right now, flower walls are enormous! What about a photobooth wall that is entirely made of green?

  1. Allow the ferns and leaves to enhance the table arrangement during your wedding.

A stunning fern and leaf dining table with a cover of tree branches and hanging bulbs will make the venue more attractive.

  1. A mesmerizing mesh of greenery and fairy lights

This outdoor environment, which is captivated by fairy lights, flowers, and vegetation, seems quite beautiful.

  1. Mandaps are made out of ferns and greenery

Your pheras will thrive in the most natural setting possible. These foliage-heavy mandap decorations might serve as inspiration.

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