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Everyone in this world wants to have a perfect wedding. After all, it happens to be an extraordinary occasion for both the bride and groom, wherein they tie the knot of being together forever. Thus, it is essential to have the perfect wedding in the ideal destination. One of the most intriguing places to hold a wedding can be a beach. It does not matter if you organize it at a gorgeous beach or your hometown beach, but a beach wedding can indeed be a splendid experience for all your guests.

Weddings are like a mini-vacation for everyone. There is nothing more romantic than the rustling waves of the sea, the sand between your toes, and the cool breeze running through you. Thus, it would be best to consider Goa as your wedding destination due to the marvelous beaches present there. You can contact the concerned authorities to hook you up with the best destination wedding planners in Goa.

Cost Of Planning A Wedding In Goa

You can get hooked up with any wedding planner in Goa to know the exact details of the wedding cost in Goa. Generally, a wedding in Goa, which consists of around 100-150 people who are invited for a maximum of two days, costs approximately 30-50 lakhs. The cost of a wedding in Goa majorly depends on a few factors listed below:

1. Venue

The venue decides a significant role in defining the cost for any wedding at a particular place. If you choose Goa as your wedding destination, you can select from several areas such as beach resorts, shacks, or budget hotels with access to private beaches, et cetera. Venues in South Goa are preferable in the area as compared to the north. You can contact a destination wedding planner in Goa and get all the information.

2. Time Duration

Your time duration of stay during the wedding is also essential, and you should try to restrict your days and functions as much as possible to a maximum of three days. You can also have two or more wedding functions in a day to reduce your stay period, as your cost would keep increasing with days.

3. Number of Guests

In a destination wedding, only close family members are usually invited along with a few friends. Usually, the guests only pay for their travel expenses, but if you are planning to book their tickets, you should do it in advance. If you make a bulk booking of tickets beforehand, you can save up on a lot of money.

4. Miscellaneous Things

Other cost factors include miscellaneous things such as photography, bridal dress and makeup, decorators, food caterers, professional event planners, et cetera. It would be best if you got all your things beforehand not to face any problems later. You can get various top-notch wedding planners in Goa that can help you with all your needs.


Planning your wedding in Goa can make it the perfect marriage of your dreams, in the presence of beaches, and calm winds, and sand beneath your toes. The state of Goa is considered the most joyful and happening place in India, and it can be the perfect spot for a modern wedding destination. The chill vibes at a beach wedding can lift anyone’s day, and it can be the ideal wedding of your dreams.

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