Things to Consider Before Booking a Venue for Wedding

The wedding venue is a very special place for the couple and their respective families as, everything would change in their life but that venue and the couple would remain the same in those photographs. There would be a lot of feelings and experiences that would be attached to that venue.

So, it is very important to choose the correct venue for the wedding in order to make the ceremony unforgettable for anyone.

Now, to choose a perfect venue there is no hard and fast rule to follow or and we cannot point two or three perfect venues in the whole country as, that doesn’t make any sense. 

So, how would you choose a venue for your wedding? 

A simple way to do so is just checking some important things in those places and make sure they are up to mark. Here are those key factors that should be there in the venue to make the marriage awesome. 

Things to consider

  1. Decoration 

 Here comes the most demanded aspect for any venue. Ask your wedding planner in Orchha to book a place that is presentable and looks nice. It is not important that it should be expensive or too lit up. 

The basic requirements are; it should be clean and have some greenery as well as eye-pleasing scenery. Now, again it is not important for the scenery but the place should not look like an old textile factory with algae on its wall. 

Your wedding decorators in Orchha can also ask the manager of the venue to place some flower pots, lamps, and other decorative pieces of stuff that make the whole frame nice and tidy. 

2. Location

Another great factor that influences the experience of the wedding venue is the location of the venue. A destination wedding planner in Orchha should always check that the venue is on Google map and is easily reachable with some landmarks to add in the convenience. 

Also, as a wedding planner in Orchha, the list of guests with their corresponding residing location should be there with you.

Choosing a convenient location will not only make the tasks go smoother but also helps the guest to reach the wedding without any hassle.

3. Parking 

A parking area is a must and should be there in the venue. Again, it will make things more manageable and easy to handle. 

And if there is not planned parking area in the location then be sure that there are some empty grounds or areas to parks the guest’s car. 

In such a way, the traffic on road will also not complain and as a wedding planner in Orchha, you would also not feel good if the drives repeatedly complained and ask you to remove the cars from the road. 

4. Other facilities and service

At this point, a wedding decorator in Orchha should look for other micro facilities like washroom, clean drinking water, hygienic waiter and cooks, their way of speaking and behavior. 

These are of course small things but are damn noticeable. So, make sure the venue you choose is in proper condition and offers a good value.

Wrapping up 

So, these were the things to consider before choosing a venue for your wedding as a destination wedding planner in Orchha. And the following point doesn’t meant to spend on a very expensive and five-star hotel as a venue.

You just have to keep the following checks before deciding the place as a venue. Other small things that you can do for betterment is to ask the staff to dress properly, maintain a proper sanitation, a good hygiene (make sure all the chefs and waiter wear gloves and caps) etc. 

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