Why Hire a Corporate Event Planner?

Nowadays, many big firms and companies organise their corporate events. Meanwhile, they believe that hiring a wedding planner or a specialised team can go out of budget. But it’s not true, a good and specialised wedding planner knows every tip, trick, and contact for saving the company’s time and money. Also, they don’t compromise anything on the quality of the event they are delivering. Such event management companies in Goa are experienced in organising various kinds of corporate events. These specialised companies execute the event with proper communication, preparation, management, logistics, marketing, and crisis management.

Also, the best event planner in Goa reduces all the problems and emergencies that happen at the last minute. With the specialised teams, the amount of stress level during the event can also be decreased and becomes smoother. Therefore, Meena events are a popular and big name in organising various kinds of popular corporate events. Their years of experience had created a positive image amongst the people of Indore. They provide a dedicated staff who takes all the responsibilities of carrying the successful corporate events. But what are the reasons for hiring a specialised team for organising corporate events?

Professional network

Event management companies know everyone from suppliers and vendors whom they deal with regularly. You can expect them to have contact right from the wedding venue to a decorative specialist, catering, etc. Hence, their network enables them and you to enjoy a lot of discounts and deals that maybe you cannot get directly from suppliers. Just for example, if you connect directly with any supplier, he might charge you $4000. On the other hand, if event management specialists contact them. They might avail of the same service at $3000 or even low.

Savings on hotel costs

If you wish to book numerous rooms of a hotel or a whole hotel for your guests, then event management companies are grateful. You can ask your planner to refund the commission that the planner might get from the hotel. Depending on the event size, you can be able to save a huge amount of money. Also specialists hold a great relationship with hotel managers. Therefore, they can surely crack the best deal for you.

Negotiation skills

The right specialist team knows what is important for your wedding venue and can be able to negotiate a mutually beneficial contract with both you and the venue. Just, for example, the best event management company in Goa can be able to negotiate the complementary services, room rates, upgrades, and lower rates for meeting rooms.

Added discounts

The event planner specialises in handling various events, vendors, and suppliers. Hence they can be able to offer you better pricing and a special discount. You may also ask your event planner to provide you with added discounts. However, if it’s applicable from the vendors it will be transferred to you.

These are some of the reasons for hiring an event management company in Goa. You should hire the Meena Events for your next corporate event happening.

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