5 Traditional And Beautiful Reasons Of Haldi Ceremony

Weddings are incomplete without year’s old traditions and rituals. Admit the fact that rituals add more fun, excitement, happiness, and a new zeal of enthusiasm to the wedding. But have you ever thought, why do these rituals are a part of our events and traditions? Every ritual in Indian weddings holds immense importance and a deep meaning behind its existence. One such ritual is Haldi Ceremony, in which the bride and groom are covered with turmeric paste.

Let’s see what importance this traditional ritual hold and how an event management company in Indore makes it much more memorable.

  1. A celebration to start a new chapter of Life: The Haldi ceremony is conducted in both the houses i.e. of the bride as well as groom early in the morning. Commencement of this ritual indicates the girl and the boy are officially the bride and groom respectively. After this ritual bride and groom are not allowed to see each other until the wedding. Haldi ceremony is the official declaration of marriage.
  2. Lots of blessings: According to the tradition, only married women are allowed to apply turmeric paste on the bride or groom. This symbolizes that happily married women shower their blessings on the bride or groom for their new start. Although, once the actual ritual is commenced everyone gets engrossed in the fun-filled Haldi Ki Holi and enjoys it to the fullest. And hiring event planners in Indore can add more to the ceremony.
  3. Evil eye protection: You can’t deny the fact that somewhere out there has an evil eye on your happiness and can hurt you with their negativity. Haldi ceremony is believed to protect the bride and the groom from such negativity. The Haldi applied on bride and groom is believed to act as a shield for the couple and protect them from all the evils. The bride and groom are not allowed to leave the house after the Haldi Ceremony.
  4. Purification of Mind and Body: Haldi is a natural purifying and cleansing agent that helps in cleansing the mind and body of the individual. Vedas have stated that Haldi has natural enzymes that help in purifying the outer body and also helps in soothing the mind. The auspicious start of the married life must start with purity and that purity is attained through Haldi. It is also a natural cooling agent that helps in getting rid of the nervousness before marriage and helps in getting rid of stress.
  5. Signifies peace and prosperity: The bright yellow color of turmeric signifies strength, happiness, and prosperity. As the Haldi paste adds glow to the skin of bride and groom, the same glow should brighten up their lives as well, is the firm belief to celebrate Haldi Ceremony. This will add more happiness, and peace to the lives of the couple.

Wish to add more to your Haldi event, then go for the best event company in Indore and they will take care of all the aspects that add more enthusiasm to your event. Haldi ceremony has immense importance in traditions and can add more beauty to your wedding rituals.

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