7 Top Corporate Event Management Tips

Corporate event management is about making every event perfect by bringing together the people of your workplace. These events are organized on behalf of the corporation. Here many corporate houses choose an event management company and event planner in Goa that takes care of every little thing from start to finish. These experts are being hired to ensure that the event delivered the best possible return on investment.

But still, corporate houses lack somewhere. That’s why we have framed how various event planners in Goa bring the corporate event to life by revealing some of their management tips.

Reserve a specific venue for multiple years

You should try to book your venue for the event weeks before and also create a multi-year contract. It will help you in taking the decisions easily and also makes it simpler for you to bring back the vendors which are worked out a week. Also, you can be able to save huge costs.

Reach out to people on LinkedIn

Here you need to establish a connection with people who work in venues, develop the event swag, manage the catering, help with audio and visuals, search for renowned music artists, look for good event furniture, etc. You can meet these people through recommendations from the existing network of event management. Or you can also check the connection on LinkedIn.

Send the invites to your event at least two to three weeks earlier

You should send invites to your workplace people at least two to three weeks earlier so that they may not forget about your corporate event. Moreover, if there is any holiday or you have fixed some date. Then you can send invites a month before.

Make sure to receive RSVP from your guests

You need to have an accurate guest count. That’s why receiving RSVP from your guests is important. It will help you in taking further pending decisions including a call to action and CTA buttons on emails.

Conduct an impact analysis part of your sponsors

You should praise your sponsors. Not only getting feedback after the event is crucial. But you should also provide a report of how sponsors had created an impact on your event. Just, for example, you can help them in tracking and capturing the leads in front and letting them show their brand awareness.

Learn how to negotiate with contractors

During corporate event management, you will come across lots of things that you need to negotiate. So you need to learn about how to negotiate on food, beverages, audiovisual services, etc.

Always have a backup plan for your crucial guests

You should always be ready with plan B. Firstly; you need to make a list of five significant characteristics of your event. Then create a backup plan for some things if it goes wrong and not up to the mark.

These are some of the corporate management tips that various event planner in Goa follow to execute your corporate event successfully. You should also make your event perfect with these tips.

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