Different Themes of Wedding

A wedding is more than the couple and the cultural rituals. The wedding essence is all about love and enjoyment. It is all about starting the new life journey with one insane party with your loved ones that you can cherish for your entire life. And the crucial factor is how you envisage your wedding theme and the kind of wedding you want. The wedding decorators in Indore will always help you with the best they can.

 To make the décor and the theme is like a cherry on the cake. The best wedding decorators in Indore can help you with a curated list of the surprising wedding themes to decide on your kind of taste. With the listed below, you can imagine your D-day with the concept and pick one that gels best with you and your emotions.

  1. A vintage wedding

This theme is all about decorating your venue with past inspiration. You can use the seats that are worn in woods some old doors. With your beautiful wedding dress and look like the past people did. Some vintage cars can also be a part of decoration at your gateway. The best wedding decorates in Indore can help you to achieve your dream vintage marriage ceremony. 

  • Bohemian

The bohemian theme is all about the macramé’s with the decoration, decorated pillows and still looks refreshing. Like some actresses, you can also have a dream bohemian wedding if it belongs to your taste.

  • A preppy theme

The preppy theme is motivated by the preppy game that sounds like greens, navy blues, bright pinks. This theme can go with the southern weddings too. It is always a fun choice theme that goes with bows, cheery flowers, some patterns. It is a great choice to have a fun and colorful wedding that Meena events can help you achieve.

  • Glitters and bling

Flowy drapes with crystal chandeliers to the ceiling help to create a fancy and glamorous look. The gold accents can also work like a cakewalk. You can add some centerpieces or artifacts to the corners of the pathway with ambient light to create a glam look that sets the mood perfectly.

  • Bollywood show

If you are a crazy Bollywood fan, then let your wedding planner in Indore design one crazy drama wedding theme for you. Growing up with the Bollywood stars and having a big dream wedding like them is always one’s bucket list thing to do. Incorporating the theme with the decor and lighting can give you all the Bollywood star feel. Don’t forget to add the music that plays a very insane role in this theme.

You can now easily choose one glamourous and stunning theme for your wedding to be the perfect marriage party. These are few themes that can be played out by the best wedding decorators in Indore. You can consult them with your choice, and they will suggest the best suitable theme according to all your requirements. You can freely spend your entire time with your family and friends without taking any stress about the wedding thin. The planners like Meena events will look after that sincerely.

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