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Essential Wedding Planning Tips for Newly Engaged Couples

After getting engaged, the reality of wedding planning might begin to feel overwhelming. From setting timelines and budgets to hiring photographers/wedding planners, there is a lot of pressure many couples face. For helping you out through the procedure, we have listed some essential wedding planning tips for newly engaged couples –

Understand Priorities Of Each Other And Their Bucket List

Never assume that you are aware of what the other person wants. One wedding myth is that men don’t care about wedding planning and women have planned everything before they get engaged. It is not true. It is a big day for both of you and you both might have a stake in the outcome. A good way to begin is to make a separate bucket list of personal priorities and dream for the day. Sit down, exchange your lists, and explain your imagination concept. Then list out the most important activities or things you both agree and are willing to do mandatorily.

Set Your Budget First

Before spending anything, you must set your budget so that you won’t stretch it far away. It is the most common mistake to forget all little extras and work within the budget as you need to factor in every precise detail. Never forget to account for extra prices such as gifts, dress alterations, and beauty expenses. Add all up and set the budget keeping these in mind.

Think Regarding Wedding Planner Hiring

If you decide to hire a wedding planner, then involve them as early as you can. The recommendation is that you must hire them early and involve them in every decision from the beginning. This way you will be able to know your style, budget, vision, and dream where they can help you keep all ideas sorted and organized. Wedding planners are not only good for logistics, design, and implementations but they are also bricks of knowledge when it comes to legal matters, reliable vendors, and so on.

Be Ready For The Unexpected

The truth is‘No matter how organized you are throughout your wedding planning journey, things may go wrong.’
There may occur weather issues where you are needed to cancel vendor at the last moment or wedding guest comes up wearing a white dress in wet weather. While such situations can leave you stressed at the moment, try not to worry. Instead, be ready and flexible for the unexpected and remember what really matters to you – marrying the person you love.

Prepare Your Guest List Early

Sorting out the guest list is essential so you can focus on finding out the perfect venue and catering for your guests’ number. Costs per head will you huge expense, so do not be in guilt into inviting people you do not want. It is the vital and biggest decision in the whole wedding planning process, thus sit with your families and have a brief discussion to prepare the guest list.

Do Not Spend Every Minute In Planning

Your wedding happens once and it is absolutely important and magical. So do not waste your every minute in planning and consumed with stress. First of all, you are preparing for marriage not planning just a party. So set one day of the week, plan, and talk about the wedding. Check out new restaurants, go for a fun activity outside, and discuss the plans and dreams you both have for your wedding day. In this way, you will have lots of time to be ready for a wedding without stress which will leave you relaxed before the wedding day.


So, these are some tips you must follow for going your wedding day smoothly and stress-free. Keep in mind, wedding planning is temporary but your marriage is permanent for life. Thus, check-in with each other, spend quality time together, enjoy this day once in a lifetime and save memories for life.

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