The Ultimate Wedding Checklist

The wedding is on, after exchanging the rings. What’s next?, the final D-day. The ceremony of one’s marriage will change everybody’s life. As the marriage ceremony date is tied up, everything starts running in the head, and the stress gets double. The wedding decorators in Indore will help you to plan your day with everything beforehand.

You can sort things out with the help of a wedding planning checklist by completing every task before time. It will make the tasks less stressful and the job fun to do. If you have enough time, break them into parts to make the workflow easy. We have listed the wedding planning checklist to complete work accordingly.

  • 10-12 months

With the starting months, you can hire a wedding planner to help you and guide you with the best of everything. You can go for finalizing the venue, making the guest list, getting into the budget thing. A market survey can help you with the budget list. Selecting a caterer is also a big task for the wedding. Select your wedding outfits during this period. After starting all these, you can get a stunning theme for your entire wedding to make it one of the crazy weddings. The Meena events have planned many theme weddings and will help you with the same for you.

  • 6-8 months

Start ordering the rental stuff that needs to be ready before two days including, the chairs, draping, lounge furniture, etc. finalize the florist. And with that, settle your musician and lighting team for your special day. Book the transportation facility if required. Doing everything on your own is a difficult task to handle, and you can hire one of the wedding decorators in Indore to help you with everything with their organized team.

  • 2-4 months

These are crucial months before the wedding to plan everything. You have to plan everything during this time. You need to do everything during this span if possible. You can start with tasting the food, checking venues, bookings done for guests, wedding cards to distribute, return gifts and bags, to your makeup and hair testing with your wedding outfits. If you have the best wedding planners in Indore, they will take half of your stress. They will arrange everything for you.

  • Last week

Amazing! You have reached the final stage by doing everything according to time. This time you only need to focus on yourself. Pamper yourself in every possible way. Go for a massage, get your hair, eyebrows thing settle. Start enjoying your marriage week. Till now, we have resolved half of the worries, and we are here with the small details only. The wedding planner will look around that you only enjoy with your family and friends.

The time duration between the ring ceremony and the marriage is not the same with every case. Meena events will help you to complete everything and can take away your stress with that. They can help you achieve your target before time to check everything is on point and is according to your opinion, the way you wanted it. There are the best wedding planner in Indorewho can arrange a 1-year wedding with four months of the wedding ceremony too.

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