Trendy Mandap Decor Ideas for Wedding

The wedding is the most auspicious occasion of your life and you want it to be grand. You always seek protection when it comes to choosing the stuff for your wedding. It is the venue or menu, or it is décor or flowers, you wish to have everything breath-taking! In all this stuff there are great chances to miss out on the most important set-up i.e. Mandap. Wedding Mandap is the place where you are about to tie the knot of togetherness with your soulmate and you want this place to be delightful!

In this post, we will discuss some of the best Mandap ideas shared by the best wedding decorators in Indore!

  • Circular Mandap with enticing flowers: Who doesn’t like flowers? They are elegant, aromatic, and can make anyone happy. Bring the goodness of flowers in your Mandap with a twist. Opt for a circular base that is studded with flowers from all around and to the top as well. Adding a few natural vines and leaves along with a flower will make your Mandap look like a natural beauty.
  • A square-shaped Mandap with fairy lights: If you are having a night wedding then this can make your wedding look more like a dreamland. Arranging a square-shaped Mandap and decorating it with fairy lights will make your wedding stage look stunning! You can add more elegance to the Mandap by adding light pink or blue colored drapes to give a soothing look to it. If you wish to have such an enticing Mandap at your wedding then wedding decorators in Indore are your ultimate choice.
  • Hanging floral ceiling and glamourous drapes: You can give your wedding Mandap a more unique look by arranging the drapes from the sides and handling florals from the ceiling. This will give you the effect of a floral chandelier which will look mesmerizing. Matching the draped with the colors of the flowers will add more to the elegance of the Mandap. Make your wedding event stand out with this amazing Mandap arrangement that will catch your guests’ attention.
  • Simple Mandap Décor with Red-White drapes and aromatic blooms: Get the simple Mandap arrangement and cover the entire setup with complimentary red and white-colored drapes across. Leave some drapes swaying in the air to give a more attractive look. Adding flowers at the top of the Mandap will make it look more elegant and glamorous. Make your biggest day more beautiful with this décor.
  •  Golden colored Royal Mandap Setup: Gain the feel of a Royal King and Queen as you take your wedding vows with this royal Mandap Setup. Decorate the Mandap with Golden colored drapes and golden fairy lights to make your Mandap glow more. Be the star of the wedding in this elegant Mandap by complementing your attire with the golden touch of the Mandap.

Wedding decorators in Indore are the best decorators who can turn your dream Mandap into a reality. If you are looking for more elegant and enticing Mandap ideas then wedding planners in Indore can get your job done with perfection! 

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