Easiest Ways to Decorate Your Reception Stage

Every reception is incomplete without wedding decorations. No matter how simple your decorations are, they can turn a boring event into a magical one. Also, your reception can become the once-in-a-lifetime moment that you have dreamt of. To decorate your reception stage, you don’t need to look at every single nook and crack. If you focus on a few basic elements, it will create a huge impact on the normal reception stage and well-decorated reception stage. You can also consult wedding decorators in Goa to decorate your reception stage. Also, you can put flowers, lights, to every kind of new addition to create a big impact on your reception stage.

If you are restricted to some budget, then also the given ways of decorating the reception stage will be useful. Look on this blog till the end to find different ways of decorating the reception stage.

Light it up

As you know, lighting is useful in creating the environment you are looking for. In your reception stage also, it will create a good look. You can make your wedding planner in Goa and lighting designer work together to achieve the environment you are seeking for. It will make your reception stage look more beautiful than those of normal ones.

Hang the flowers

Are you thinking that flowers are just made for decorating the tables of your venue? Then you are in myth. Because a hanging lush flower arrangement a few feet above your reception stage is the best way of decorating the stage. Also, it will give a more intimate look to the new couple.

Fabric ceiling draping

A little piece of fabric can do wonders for your reception stage. You should decorate your reception stage with white fabric. Also, you can choose multi-colors and colorful vibe then you can opt for darker shades of color like pink and yellow.

Mandap style setting

For creating a mandap style setting on your reception stage. Then you should use Persian-style carpets, antique chairs, brocade cushions, satin drapes, and colorful flowers with canopy. You can choose a red-colored mandap theme or a golden-colored mandap theme for getting the reception theme you are looking for.

Lots of lanterns

Just like suspended balloons, use tons of paper lanterns to decorate the reception stage. No matter whether you are brightening the sky with lanterns or decorating it above your reception stage. This romantic globe will look superb and improve the ceilings of your wedding stage.

Use your venue’s decorations

If you are planning to marry in a community hall, then look at what they have provided in the wedding decoration. Some community halls provide the candelabra to add intricate to your wedding stage. If the wedding stage is already decorated with flowers, then you only need to put something else to match your wedding theme.

These are some of the ideas which you can discuss with your wedding decorators in Goa and create a big impact on your reception stage.

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