Expert tips on how to Plan a Destination Wedding in Goa

To get married in Goa is a dream nurtured by many couples. If you are one of those couples who are desiring a grand destination wedding in Goa. Then you need to be well prepared to spend a fabulous time and also to grab wonderful memories. As Goa has numerous 5-star hotels and beautiful beaches, you can beautifully execute your destination wedding. Many couples are attracted by the rustic hippie culture for their destination wedding.

But do you think that carrying out a successful destination wedding in Goa is easy? Truly, it’s not, that’s why you should look for any destination wedding planner in Goa to successfully execute your wedding in the beautiful spots of Goa. Here, we have shared some experts tips which you can follow to carry out your destination wedding in Goa.

Venue hunting

There are various beautiful properties in Goa to carry out your wedding. But you should select the wedding venue as per your choice of quieter and serene. Both South Goa and North Goa offer amazing and luxurious wedding venues. You can also choose a beach for your wedding. But you should look for a peaceful and calm beach.

Best time to get married

Now when you have enormous options for destination weddings in Goa, look for the time which is best in Goa to get married. Many couples choose the period between November to March as it offers cooler nights and light hot days. If you think that budget is not an issue in your wedding. Then consult some wedding planners in Goa for the best time.

Proper planning and bookings

Now as you are planning for a destination wedding. You need to look for the proper guest’s accommodation as well. However, you should spend ample time planning the scheduled arrival and departure of your guests. Also, you should book your favorite resort or hotel for guest accommodation as early as possible. And especially during the wedding season.

Venue decor and aesthetics

The next thing you need to focus on for a wonderful destination wedding in Goa is the decoration of the venue. If you are planning to have a beach wedding, you will save lots of costs and time on venue decor. As you only need to decorate the mandap for your wedding rituals. Meanwhile, if you have booked a resort or a five-star hotel then you need to look forward to decorations too.

Selection of perfect wedding favor

A wedding favor is also important when you are planning a destination wedding. Then the wedding gift needs to be appropriate. You should also prepare a welcome kit for your guests which includes information about the wedding schedule, meal timing, hotel transfer, etc. You can also add some local goodies, cashews, nuts, etc to make it more exciting.

These are the few tips formulated by experts for your wedding. You can follow these tips and hire a wedding planner in Goa to accomplish your dream wedding at the best.

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