Important do’s and dont’s for destination wedding planning in Goa

A good marriage is one of the loveliest and friendly relations that exist. Hence, cannot be compared with thousands of good relations in the world. That’s why marriage marks the most important and special day in a couple’s life. For this reason, every couple wants their wedding day to be super amazing and beautiful. But to celebrate this once-in-a-lifetime day superbly turns out to be a hectic task. Hence, many modern-day couples choose to celebrate their wedding day in a destination wedding style. And Goa offers one of the premium destinations to carry out destination weddings on the beautiful beaches.

Many destination wedding planner in Goa are very famous for executing successful destination wedding planning. Furthermore, they follow some important do’s and dont’s through which they execute the best destination weddings. If you are discovering do’s and dont’s for executing destination weddings then read this article till the end.

Important do’s when planning a destination wedding planning in Goa

Ask for inclusive rooms

It’s important to know that all hotels whether 5 star, normal, or 7 star offers American plan all-inclusive rates. It includes room tariff for two people, breakfast, lunch, or dinner (choose one between three), picks up and drops facility from airport and railways including taxes. Hence it offers a negotiating edge overlooking the whole hotel.

Booking rooms

Now you need to book rooms for your guests. But before booking rooms in any of the Goa-based hotels. Make sure to count on your guest again and make a confirmation number so that the hotels may not get wasted in any kind.

Compare real and virtual venue

The venue you are seeing in photos is not compulsory to be the same in reality too. That’s why you should check the wedding venue before finalizing it. Hence you can be sure that the wedding is as per your desires and wishes.

Important dont’s when planning a destination wedding planning in Goa

Firm up your guest list

The next thing you need to avoid is to call many guests at your destination wedding. As you are arranging a destination wedding, make sure you don’t call everyone here. Make your destination wedding more intimate to close people and relatives.

Pay only for accommodation

Another thing that you need to avoid doing at your destination wedding is to arrange flight fares for your guests. Because if you arrange for their accommodation during the wedding, it’s perfectly fine and enough.

Avoid monsoon

If you don’t want to spoil your destination wedding in Goa then make sure to don’t execute it during monsoon seasons. Because during monsoon, you cannot be able to do anything that you desires to do in a beach place.
These are some of the important do’s and dont’s while doing wedding planning in Goa. All of the above do’s and dont’s are followed by the wedding planner in Goa before executing the destination wedding. So, don’t delay and start planning your destination wedding today.

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