How to Plan your Dream Wedding During a Lockdown?

As the Covid-19 pandemic is still a big deal and the cases are getting worst day by day. Different states of India and even the world are enforcing some safety protocols to make their people safe and secure. That’s why as the last year, weddings and marriages is not a grand affair for this year as well. Hence, many families and couples are opting for the lockdown wedding at their homes with closed ones. Meanwhile, if you are thinking to host your dream wedding at your home, then this article is for you.

You can still make your small nuptial ceremony looks grand, lavish, and just the way you have dreamt of. Furthermore, you can easily organize your ceremony with some stellar ideas. We have asked many top-listed wedding planners in Goa to share their expert tips for executing a dream wedding at home. If you want to know these expert tips for planning your dream wedding during the lockdown, then read this blog till the end.

Ensure sanitization

Sanitization is one of the important aspects you should consider in your wedding planning during lockdown. Whether it’s your living space, room, or terrace make sure it’s well sanitized either by professionals or by yourself. Also, make sure to provide a personal mask and sanitizer to every guest even to the bride and groom. For taking utmost precaution, make sure that your entry and exit gateways are well sanitized with a sanitizer machine.

Curate your guest list

Now you need to curate your guest list. Even though you have thought of inviting 200-300 people to your dream wedding. But you should curate or make your guest list as per the government rules. Suppose if the government has permitted for 100 people make sure to invite even fewer peoples so that there will be less crowd. Even though it’s not sound like your dream wedding, but a small nuptial dream ceremony for sure.

Plan every detail

Now, you can organize your events as per your dream ceremony. But as you need to do everything on your own, make sure that you have planned every from small to big details well. Like you can carry out your dream wedding during the lockdown in various parts of your home. You can organize the Haldi and Mehendi ceremony in the garden. Whereas the main wedding in the living space, and of course a small reception at your terrace.

Utilize space well

As you are carrying your wedding at home, it means that you have limited space and not like a big lawn. So you need to utilize every space of your home well. You can put various signs at your home indicating where is the eating counter, the drinking counter, and where is the main ceremony is happening.
These are some tips curated by the wedding decorators in Goa. You should follow up on these tips to organize and plan your dream wedding during lockdown at your home well. Start your dream wedding planning today and don’t wait for the lockdown to get over.

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