Wedding Reception Games Your Guests Will Love!

If you are looking for ways to make your wedding reception a fun and festive affair then you are at the right place. Wedding reception marks for numerous add-ons along with a groovy playlist, delicious food, going drinks, and a lot more. The wedding reception is the time when the couple gets to know each other’s family better and to overcome the shyness and awkwardness, an ice-breaker is a must! Wedding reception games can be a perfect match for this and you can request your Wedding planner in Goa to handle the arrangements. Here are some games that can engage the guests and create a mellow mood at your reception.

The shoe game

A perfect game for the couple and family members to grow their bond. The bride and groom carry one pair of each of their footwear. The questions are asked to the bride regarding each other and they answer by reading the shoe. It is a great fun game for the guests to even watch and can change the entire surrounding of the reception.

Funny Wheel

It is a giant wheel with customized tasks written on the wheel. It can be played among multiple players and can be great fun. The player will spin the wheel and the task at which the pointer stops will be the player’s allotted task. You can make this game more fun by adding different, funny, and interesting tasks that can change the surrounding of the wedding more fun.

Word search

A simple yet interesting game that can be customized in different levels for kids as well as adults. All you need is a large board and a grid of word puzzles. Your destination wedding planner in Goa will take care of the grid charts, boards, and chalks making your gaming time more convenient. Try to add more complex and difficult words to make this game full of twists to add more fun.


When it comes to games, you can’t skip on the cards game. Cards games are the most loved among the player and when it comes to poker no one can stay away from it. You can ask your event planner in Goa to organize multiple 10 player poker tables for the guests so that everyone can enjoy and have fun with this interesting card game.

Spin the Bottle

A classic game that never fails to amuse you. You can customize random truth and dare chits and ask the one to pick up who is pointed by the bottle. The game can become more interesting with bigger dares and larger groups. A perfect old-time sake game that will renew the feeling of fun and togetherness. The bride and groom can also be a part of this game and add interesting twists to the game.

Wedding receptions are a great place to enjoy and interact with guests, family members, and friends. And this interaction can be more interesting with nice and interesting games. Wedding decorators in Goa can help you give your reception a jolly feel with extraordinary ambiance and games. Make your big day memorable with extraordinary arrangements for your guests and make this day memorable for them.

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