Things to keep in mind before Booking a Wedding Venue

To make your big day more special, you should find a perfect wedding venue. This is one of the most important things which you need to consider before starting your wedding planning. Also, it’s one of the most time-consuming and challenging tasks. But only if done on their own. However, you can also assist the Destination wedding planner in Goa to make this daunting task easier. There are various things to which you need to pay attention before selecting your wedding venue. Wedding planner in Goa will consider all your requirements and necessities. Meanwhile, try to formulate the best wedding venue suggestions for you.

You should pay attention to the speaker, catering options, guests, pleasant experience, etc of the wedding venue before finalising one for yourself. Also, you should start hunting for your wedding venue as soon as possible. Many event planner in Goa suggest finalising the wedding venue at least 6 months before. Would you like to know more things which you need to consider before booking your wedding venue? Let’s know in this blog.


Before booking your venue, you might have thought about the wedding venue location, right? Then you should book that venue which is neither too close to your guest’s house nor too far. If the wedding venue is located at a prominent distance, then only your attendees or guests will be able to reach it easily. Also, you should consider that wedding venue which is situated at a prominent distance from airport and railway station.


You should look at whether the venue you have chosen offers a parking service or not. If it’s offered, then you don’t have to worry about any parking issues. Meanwhile, if they are not offering, then you should book some other place where your guests can make their vehicles stand. You can include the parking charges in your budget or can also decide that guests will pay the charges. However, you should look that the wedding venue should offer valet parking.

Capacity and minimum

As you are choosing the wedding venue, you should take care that your guests are accommodated there comfortably. If you are calling 250-300 guests at your wedding. Then you should look for a wedding venue which can accommodate at least 400-500 people comfortably. Also, if your wedding venue is offering some food and beverage then what is the minimum cost.

Contract flexibility

You should create a contract with your venue provider. Because if anything happens and you need to change or postpone the wedding event. Then you can ask your provider to refund back your deposited money. Having flexible contract terms with the wedding venue provider can be better instead of having no contract between.

These are some of the important things you should consider before booking your wedding venue. If you hire any wedding decorators in Goa then they will also suggest you consider the same things. After considering these things, start your wedding preparations.

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