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Unique Wedding Mandap Decor Ideas for 2022

The newlywed couples have been showered with the blessings of their elders and congratulations from their younger ones. They have performed all the marriage ceremonial rituals followed by the saat pheras. Every ceremony of an Indian wedding is not just a ceremony and ritual. Instead, it depicts some deep behind it. These rituals are not only important to be performed by the newlywed couple. But these rituals have made tied them in the knot of love and forever. That’s the reason why a mandap is recognized as the most important thing in a marriage ceremony.

Not only do you desire to have all the attention. Even your wedding mandap also desires some attention. Hence, it needs to be decorated in the best way. If you are discovering various ideas for decorating your wedding mandap. Then various wedding planner in Bhopal have given out various ideas for decorating a mandap. Let’s find out from this blog below.

Grand canopy style wedding mandap

If you or your partner loves canopy then this mandap style is the one you should have in your wedding decor. The canopy is made out of fabric drapes along with a chandelier in centre. This is also one of the common mandap design you can find in many Indian weddings.

Temple style wedding mandap

If you are a bride and groom who wants to feel luxurious in their wedding mandap. Then you can opt for this wedding mandap. As soon as you and your partner sits amidst the cascading drapes and orange flower bouquests, you will start feeling special. You can choose bright colors for drapes like sunset orange and get pink.

Yellow and green south India style mandap

If you want to experience South Indian taste in your wedding decors then this mandap is necessary to have in your wedding decorations. You can include lawn cut fresh greener and yellow drapes to enhance its look.

Floating mandap

It’s just like the poolside mandap and taking new trend amongst many decorators these days. You can use simple curtain drapes that are tied back at the center of pillars with various flowers matched with the color theme.

Peachy and pastel mandap

If you want a dreamy-style wedding mandap, then go for this peachy and pastel mandap. You can create it by using some peachy curtain drapes along with pastel flowers. This will enhance the look of your overall wedding.

Enchanting fairy light mandap

This seaside wedding mandap design will make your all wedding dreams come true. It’s the perfect mandap design which can be carried out during the evening time and especially in the areas that face the seaside.

These are some of the wedding mandap designs that you should have on your big day. For executing these designs properly, you can take guidance from wedding decorators in Bhopal so that you can witness your dream wedding. Whatever is your taste, these wedding mandap designs will go to every taste.

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