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Upcoming Wedding Trends in your 2022 Wedding

The year 2021 has seen a life back into the whole of normalcy. Because this year most of the things including special events and weddings had recouped their treasure of colorful indulgence more thoughtfully. 2021 has left all of us cravings for human connection. That’s why couples and even their families desire to conduct wedding parties more especially. Hence, if you are looking to get married in the year 2022. Then there are some new trends that you should implement in your 2022 wedding. Wedding planner in Goa have suggested these newest trends for every Indian wedding happening in 2022. Let’s starts knowing it from this blog

Laidback luxury

OTT indulgence and luxury Indian weddings will never stop happening across the world. But from the past two years, laidback luxury has taken the place of big fat Indian weddings. Hence, it has also started gaining more popularity. Nowadays most couples and families are opting for close-knit wedding celebrations with plush arrangements with some personalized touch over the fuss and formality.

Focus on small details

Nowadays most people are not opting for focusing more on the show. Instead, they are opting for a small and intimate wedding celebration where they can be able to spend more time with loved ones. If you focus more on small details with customization and personalization. Then it will make your small wedding celebration more memorable and special instead of those big fat weddings.

Curated guests list

We are around 2022 wedding season, but still, people are allowed to host the wedding more than just 50 or 100 people. Even though you cannot find thousands of guests present at any of the weddings. That’s why you should curate the guest list up to your most close families and relatives. So that you can be able to enjoy a hassle-free and comfortable wedding function with very few people.

Storytelling through food

The food menu is one of the important parts of every wedding function. That’s why most couples are choosing some unique and unusual dishes to be served at their weddings. But if you want to rewind the old memories of life with your partner. Then you should have the food concept or menu which depicts your story. It means that dish which you have ordered when met first, each other favorite dishes, anniversary dishes, etc.

Rewriting the rule book on wedding entertainment

Entertainment is crucial for every wedding. And nowadays entertainment is not limited up to music and dance performances. That’s why you should choose some unique entertainment for sangeet night and other concept-based ceremonies and functions. You can include entertainment such as disco night, rain dance, photo booths, and more.

These are some of the upcoming wedding trends formulated by the destination wedding planner in Goa. But no matter whether it’s a destination wedding or a normal one, you should follow the above wedding trends in 2022. So, make a list of these wedding trends for your wedding in the next year.

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