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Food Trends That You Need to Check Out for Your Wedding

Firstly, let’s be aware of the fact or face the reality of knowing and accepting that many people attend the wedding only to have food. The food and the entire food menu play a crucial part in the marriage. Its role is nonetheless when compared to any other work. Especially when we talk about Indian weddings, the food is the main criteria for judging the wedding and giving it the remark as good or bad. Ask your wedding planner in Bhopal to guide you with the best menu.

Offering them some crazy food menu by following the new trend can add sparkles and a shower of compliments to your wedding function to make the guest happy. Be sorted and dedicated to your food menu. You can add creativity to your food menu and the dishes you will serve to your guests. To have a unique and fantastic dinner style, one can follow the following ideas that can help them try some creative menu for the wedding program.

1. Storytelling food

This trend or idea can be one of the unique and attractive things that the wedding decorators in Bhopal can offer you. You can add the dish that the couple has tasted together for the first time or had on their first date. It will bring all the memories back and make the guest amazed by the idea of serving things this way.

2. Ocean of deserts

Does any function end without having a dessert? Then how come a wedding can be over without serving dessert to the people. Keep every kind of sweets available with wide varieties and ingredients. It will make the guest go crazy and make them try everything as they will be thrilled to see and enjoy every single sweet present there. It will be mouthwatering for the pastries and brownie lovers to see them coming their way.

3. Vegan dishes

Everybody is conscious about their health and lifestyle. Most people are going vegan to live a healthy life. Your wedding planner in Bhopal can exclude all the dairy products from your food menu to arrange a vegan food menu for your wedding. You can have some dishes that can substitute the dairy product or dishes but can intake as this is the special day for your family and friends.

4. Some canapes as a part of snacks

Canapes are a snack that you can add to your food menu to create an exciting impact on the guest and take less time to prepare it. It doesn’t require much cutlery to eat as it is already in a canape like a small basket structure that helps it hold the ingredients together and make it a masterpiece to introduce to the public.

5. A mocktail station

How can a wedding be over without having a drink station? Have a mocktail station where people can ask for the flavor of mocktails that they like, and they always have. The wedding decorators in Bhopal can provide a person to help all the guests to have their desirable drink. It will help them enjoy the evening by giving a blessing to the family and the couple.

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