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Have a look at these fun ideas for your Mehendi Function

Wedding ceremony comes with multiple and enjoyable pre wedding ceremonies and functions. But, out of other rites, mehendi function is the most mesmerizing and superb function enjoyed by both bride and groom’s side. Earlier Mehendi function is only limited up to applying henna on hands and legs. But in the current world, the Mehendi function is all about experimenting with different themes, colors, and activities. In this function, you can add photo booths, hanging floral, bright colors, to an inventive food menu.

In short, you can transform your ordinary wedding into a luxurious and great style by making your Mehendi function memorable. Various event planner in Goa suggests or recommends some ideas through which you can transform your Mehendi function into a quirky and exciting one. If you are eager to implement that idea into your Mehendi function, then let’s know it from the blog given below

Live bangle making

Whatever vibrant accessories women have in their wardrobe, all will be utilized in the Mehendi ceremony itself. You can arrange for a live bangle-making game for your guests. Hence they can be busy and get entertained as well. Your guests can choose up the bangles as per their choice and taste and even can make a match with their outfit to wear it at the ceremony. It will be a fun for children and adult to watch which colors and pair they have made.

Live entertainment

Live entertainment is important to make your guests entertained and indulge in the ceremony. You can choose a group of dancers or singers performing in the Mehendi songs so that you and your guest can get the feel of Mehendi function amongst the wedding ceremony. However, you or your partner can also choose to perform for each other. It will add a simple yet romantic touch to your Mehendi function.


With karaoke, you have the chance to enhance your entertainment and make it to the next level. Decide on some of your favorite wedding or Mehendi songs and arrange for a karaoke and mike system so that your guest can jam over your favorite songs on loop individually or in the group. And especially when there is a dance floor and people are singing their hearts out. Why not add it as an entertainment medium and enhance the Mehendi vibes.

Dance with the DJ

No wedding or even pre-wedding ceremony is incomplete without DJs. Hence you must make your guest entertained and stage on fire with the DJ. Here you can make your guests roll over your favorite mashups from Bollywood or some remix versions so that you and your guest can enjoy and pour their hearts out.
These are some of the try activities or ideas with which you can make your Mehendi function beyond normal. All of the ideas are formulated by the best event planner in Goa. Hence if you want to make your Mehendi function extraordinary, do implement these activities.

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